Dynamic collaborations in a space without borders

21,500 SF





With its charming brick walls, tall windows, original bead-board ceilings, and exposed wood structure, the 124 year old Siedenberg Cigar Factory in Ybor City provides the perfect industrial backdrop for the modern offices of TransferWise's vibrant customer service division in Tampa. 

Designing for a modern revolution

TransferWise is a Financial Technology company born of a frustration with the established ways of global banking. Two self-described disruptors set out to revolutionize the way money was transferred between countries...and this spirit became the inspiration for the design of their new Tampa location. The historic setting of the former cigar factory represents the old “establishment” while a crisp, new wedge-shaped form has emerged to disrupt the order of things. Jutting through the heart of the space on two floors, this sleek modern element embodies the diverse TransferWise culture with vibrant colors and energy oozing from its interior. The wedge also serves as an organizational spine providing a natural transition between open office areas and team-focused spaces.

Finding community within a global tribe

The space is, at its core, a reflection of the culture and 'nothing to hide’ company values. Without a single private office, transparency, diversity, and creativity are all celebrated in a collaborative open office environment complemented by glass-front shared meeting rooms. Since connecting to other global locations is critical day and night, tele-conferencing opportunities are found abundantly throughout the space to maintain a close-knit family feeling across the miles. One such space is the Town Hall area...which looks and feels like an outdoor park and serves as a hub for company-wide team gatherings. 


To encourage a strong sense of place identity, the team was included in the entire design process...including the selection of all meeting room themes to ensure they were surrounded by things they were in love with and inspired by. When someone feels valued through meaningful investment in the workplace environment and finds a sense of belonging, they feel motivated to do good work. And, being largely a customer support office, this couldn't be more important.