Outlaws welcome, Liberating malcontents since 2002

3,600 SF





Founded by three rebellious veterans of the bureaucratic 'Big 4' accounting and staffing mega-conglomerates, Vaco was specifically created for the entrepreneurial spirits who want more.  Their revolutionary thought process crafted a new kind of recruiting company offering a place where the best and brightest minds could be free to reach their full potential and where the most brilliant and passionate outlaws could hang their hats until retirement.  Beyond expert world-wide consulting, executive search and strategic staffing, Vaco liberates top talent from being just another resume in the haystack by humanizing corporate matching. 

Blurring the lines between work and home

A key element in Vaco's success is disarming a naturally stressful job search process and putting candidates at ease.  Every space is meant to welcome and make them feel like part of the family.  Interview rooms are artfully curated and camouflaged as music studios, cafes, cigar lounges and speakeasies.  The themed rooms are strategic in their purpose to lighten the mood, spark interesting conversation and allow you to unpack and be your authentic self.

More Fun,  More Done

The seasoned pros at Vaco know that culture is king.  If people love what they do, they will naturally spend more time doing it.  Win win right?  That is why it was critical for Vaco to have a highly energetic, creative, customizable playground to work in.  Whether they are hanging out with adult beverages at the kitchen bar, making phone calls in the Skype room or knocking out emails while lounging in the indoor patio, Vaco encourages working hard and playing harder.  Spaces were designed not only to be highly functional and encourage collaboration, but also team camaraderie and healthy competition.