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Leading global technology built to simplify




Built upon a mission to simplify, Vendita is a global technology leader that develops efficient cutting-edge solutions to help drive their clients and partners forward. This vanguard approach echoes throughout their new office as an immersive sophisticated experience for visitors and staff from the minute they enter the space.

Photo Oct 11, 2 58 13 PM.jpg
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Refined spaces for a revolutionary business

In a workspace designed to blend clever technological elements and brand colors, Vendita thrives within an environment rich with brand identity and sophistication that visually conveys their work product and company culture.

Refined details and uncluttered spaces embrace the industrial character of exposed concrete, pipes and ductwork to create a dynamic blend of progressive innovation. Architectural elements characterized by transparent, rather than solid expressions, like glass walls, shared work tables, and open ceilings, create a sense of openness and enable visual connections between employees and business partners. This enables them to become fully engaged and immersed together in their revolutionary business.

Ceiling Feature.jpg
Writtable Wall.jpg
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Vendita : Entry
Vendita : Entry
Vendita : Conference Room
Vendita : Break Room
Vendita : Break Room
Vendita : Break Room
Vendita : Open Office
Vendita : Executive Office
Vendita : Lounge
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