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Celebrating a Century of Community Stewardship




With Detroit roots dating back to the 20s, Wade Trim’s team of civil engineers, planners, surveyors, landscape architects and environmental scientists have literally spent the last 100 years shaping the way communities grow.   Whether it is the roadways, bridges, water mains, sanitary sewers, drainage systems and treatment facilities that efficiently give access to all the things we need or it is the thoughtful community planning where parks, recreation centers, walking trails and gathering spaces draw people together.   Wade Trim has been engineering the world to be a better place by creating innovative solutions that are not only sustainable but actively contribute to the communities for which they are designed.

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A Natural Beauty

As thought leaders in sustainable design concepts and green building practices, the Wade Trim team helped shape the idea that the 'built environment’ can actually be in harmony with nature.  So when the team chose to relocate the Tampa office, they wanted to create a space that would not upstage the beautiful bay view just outside.  The space had to be transparent and feel approachable, effortless yet innovative and relevant all at the same time.  Exposed beams, raw concrete, metal ceiling deck, untreated rebar, raw aggregates and other rough hewn finishes were intentionally left in their natural state in homage to some of the raw building products Wade Trim uses in their design work.  The refined grittiness and honest expression of the materials intuitively provides connectivity to the building infrastructure and the beautiful strength within it.  This, paired with the luxe palette of neutral colors and textures, creates an unprocessed backdrop that perfectly frames up the blue skies beyond.

Wade Trim : Reception
Wade Trim : Boardroom
Wade Trim : Boardroom
Wade Trim : Lounge
Wade Trim : Office
Wade Trim : Break Room
Wade Trim : Break Room
Wade Trim : Break Room
Wade Trim : Break Room
Wade Trim : Lounge
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